Moved on from Blogging to Podcasting

In the summer of ’14 I moved on from the written word to the spoken word … since when a lot have been spoken by me and dozens of the leading lights in the London Fintech Revolution. Check it out 🙂

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My Blog Has Moved…

Recent posts here have been cross-posted from my two more focused blogs … to save a bunch of hassle and to ensure you see which you prefer (or both 🙂 … please check out:

The Tao of Business Development blog for my thinking on 21stC business development [much of which can be leveraged personally these days now that folks have to manage their own career/brand/contract-getting]

Transformational Tools for Body, Energy and Mind blog for my thinking on those more personal development matters.


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Balance Dreaming, Thinking & Doing – your Inner Visionary, Manager, & Soldier

This post first appeared on my companion site Transformational Tools for Body Energy and Mind

I’ve written this one for me lol – as it’s something I am thinking through – but also importantly for assorted friends for whom this would seem to be really helpful right now at this time of great and rapid transition in society.

If you feel stressed, are reacting to life, being blown around by the winds and the tides it’s a great way of taking control back of your life and its direction. It’s also an ongoing discipline to make sure you embody each of these for enough hours each week to keep your life in balance 🙂


Visionary-Manager-Soldier is a simple but very powerful transformational model I picked up when Continue reading

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How does your Profession relate to Form and Emptiness?

This post first appeared on my companion site Transformational Tools for Body Energy and Mind

My last article – Form, Patterns, Emptiness and Stuckness – on the spectrum from crystal to gas, from frozen form to emptiness led to some interesting conversations.

solid liquid gas

To a Psychotherapist (who is also a Hero of TTEM with over 500 posts) it was clear – and very much meat and potatoes of the day job – aka freeing people from being stuck with frozen patterns. Moving from solid towards gas. And some of those stucknesses have lasted for decades so need some strong juju to nudge folks out of those grooves. Stuck in ruts, a concept which surely derives from our Indo-Aryan roots – samskaras (Hindu) – being very much ruts in the mind that we repeatedly tread which become paths we then stick to/in.

However – hence the increasing purpose and relevance of TTEM – the poor therapist in the modern world is increasingly form-ed by the statist narrowing of therapeutic options (see Excellent Critique of UK Statist Regulation of Psychotherapy).

To an Architect the article meant something different. Continue reading

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Form, Patterns, Emptiness and Stuckness

This post first appeared on my companion site Transformational Tools for Body Energy and Mind

This one isn’t a pot-boiler.  However it’s utterly profound and utterly a meta-pattern about life and next to every tool in TTEM.  We can never grok this one enough.

We live in a world of form – ie persistent patterns.  And good job too – if my pc was in random parts of the house, my railway station moved and sometimes there were elephants instead of trains in the morning – I would either be dreaming or someone would have bought the wrong kind of mushroom at Waitrose for my omelette 😀

order disorder

However excess form is rigidity, stuckness.  If there is one meta-lesson from TTEM it’s to beware of (and to alleviate) stuckness.  Stuckness is a terror. Stuckness is a dinner guest who just doens’t know when to leave. Stuckness is like buying a sundial but never upgrading when they invented mechanical watches. Stuckness stops you flowing, stops you learning, stops you growing.  Stuckness is a relationship which worked, stayed the same but now doesn’t work. In a world of change, of time, of flux, stuckness is as inevitable as it is undesirable.

About twenty years ago I was interested in the work of the Santa Fe institute on complexity.  Actually I don’t think it really went anywhere as such (once someone is using something for courses on how to make more money in business you know the research is floudnering tehe).  However the one thing that stuck (ha!) in my mind Continue reading

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How to be English and do Marketing

This post was first published on my companion site The Tao of Business Development

Any English (or probably Brit for that matter, although the periphery always had to be better at staking its claim) of a certain age certainly has absorbed the “hide your light under a bushel” vibe. It’s just not classy to go out and “brag” is it?

Tyndale tralsated bowl as bushel 500yrs ago.Tyndale translated the Bible using “bushel” rather than bowl.

Well ironically that saying is from a parable where Jesus says that you should precisely not hide your light under a bushel (or under the bed or under a stand). Less historically at present in the 21stC world of information overload, even fellow Anglos have left their bushels behind and taken to the roof-tops with 100Watt stacks.

So what do you do? Abandon your principles and tell everyone how awesome you and your products are? Probably not. So what then? Continue reading

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The World Of Work Has Changed Forever

This post was first published on my companion site The Tao of Business Development

I was networking around recently and catching up with chums old and new.  The one thing that struck me was that the world of work was proving to be a huge stress.  Well beyond the normal range.  It was a rare bird who was enjoying the world of work right now. I’ll share some quotes from people down below.

It wasn’t always like this … in the last decades of the last millennium most people I knew enjoyed their work.  Although a lack of economic growth is certainly a contributory factor I believe it masks some underlying one-off shifts.  The world of work has changed forever.

I wondered how I could help… and so here we have a three-part YouTube presentation.  I felt that people – especially those so overloaded that they didn’t have time to think it through (which is most folks these days) – could do with succinct summaries from three perspectives: Educational (“what on earth is going on?”), Analytical (“why is it going on?”) and Inspirational (“we live in a unique time of opportunity”).

The World Of Work Has Changed Forever - 3 Parts

Onto my research findings.  If you can relate to any of these comments then the talk is definitely for you 🙂 Continue reading

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Antipatterns: Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies

A little while back I was working somewhere, where, if you were from Mars and asked to work out how people were remunerated, you would probably conclude that the amount of sweat people produced in a day was measured and converted directly into salary. This “adrenaline junkie” has always been a common antipattern in the City – I have done it myself – occasionally lol. As Ronald Reagen said “It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?” 🙂


This book was published a number of years ago and contains some memorable antipatterns (86 in all collected by a whole bunch of authors and project managers around the world) – another one is Dead Fish … where at the start of a project there is a bad smell but no one feels able to mention this and the project carries on regardless with the inevitable consequences. The Template Zombie refers to those whose job it is to make sure that all the paper flow is doing the right thing – a real triumph of process over content.

But let’s take a step back as the chances are you have never heard of antipatterns… What is an antipattern? Continue reading

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Nietzsche, T.S. Eliot and Antoni Gaudi

There are some things that have to be experienced. Being at sea. Being in a desert. Seeing Mount Everest (for real – not a picture). In a similar way the buidings of Antoni Gaudi the doyenne of Catalan Modernism, Barcelona’s answer to Art Nouveau need to be experienced not just seen as jpegs.

This “de-reductionsism” … going from our digitised, “information”-ised, pseudo-experience of the world back to “real” life can be perhaps seen be re-reading the following TS Eliot quotation in reverse order. We have gone frmo life to information – but run the process in reverse and we can get from information to life…

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

Continue reading

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If you are annoying some people you must be onto something!

I generally think of annoying people as A Bad Thing. I recall reading some time back about the hugely irritating series of GoCompare adverts with the cod opera singer. As I recall something like 80% of people find this highly irritating. However it was concluded that it was a good ad!? Why? As it leads to good “brand recall”. Oh dear, oh dear, thought I. Typical of our “late-capitalist” period when “money is everything”. So some folks come to work and make stuff to annoy people. Others promote their company in a way they know irritates the cast majority. But it’s all ok as it makes a few quid… Doh!

Go Compare

But offence is easily given. Or rather some people take offence very easily even when none is intended.

When I put this website together it was with two lines of thought. Firstly to unite my two different incarnations – the “suit and tie” one and the “t-shirt one”. Secondly as it does represent a spectrum of product/service offerings from the “hardcore” consultancy end through to the softer skills of mentoring and beyond into personal tools such as qigong and the sharing of wisdom traditions.

Anyway as always our view of the world seems quite simple and logical to us. But not always to others…

I asked for some feedback (always a mistake! :-)). About 10% thought it was a great idea, 80% said “nice” and 10% frothed at the mouth! Oh and lots of comments about the photo – but that’s another story.

The frothers (all friends of mine) didn’t hold back – “you mustn’t do that, you simply can’t”, “do you want to teach Kung Fu [mb: I don’t and I don’t mention it] or work in the City”, and one was red in the face with outrage. Quite remarkable thought I.

I was retelling this tale to a chum of mine who I hadn’t seen for some time… Continue reading

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