Be Happy – Where the Hell is Matt?

This one is a must view if you have never seen it before…

Lots of words have been written about global peace, lots of words have been written about what is wrong with the world. However it must be near to impossible to watch this and not smile and feel jouyous… and that’s a rare thing in the modern stressed, overly-serious world.

It’s one of the quickest ways I know to be reminded that, as the Lakota Sioux say, all the world’s peoples are “mitakuye oyasin” – all our relatives 🙂

If you have a good connection click on the 720p HD in the settings and watch it full screen… make sure you watch it up to one minute at which point on his journey he discovered an important thing. Not sure if it’s me but are the kids in the simpler societies more jolly?

We think it’s so hard to regain that spontaneous joy of childhood .. but here a slightly over-weight bloke with a very silly dance not only gets thousands to dance with him around the world and be happy too but has currently been viewed by over 70 million people based on the last statistic I saw.

What can you do today? Even making yourself smile is a great start 🙂

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