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How to be English and do Marketing

This post was first published on my companion site The Tao of Business Development Any English (or probably Brit for that matter, although the periphery always had to be better at staking its claim) of a certain age certainly has … Continue reading

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Nietzsche, T.S. Eliot and Antoni Gaudi

There are some things that have to be experienced. Being at sea. Being in a desert. Seeing Mount Everest (for real – not a picture). In a similar way the buidings of Antoni Gaudi the doyenne of Catalan Modernism, Barcelona’s … Continue reading

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Connecting the Zeitgeist, the 4,000yr old I Ching, the hottest Internet Marketing Theory and Pink Floyd

One of my fortes is in spotting patterns and making connections between seemingly diverse things. One reason is wide ranging interests, another a mind that does that automatically, and the other is an interest in breaking down the walls between … Continue reading

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From John Kay on Why 19thC & 21stC “Capitalism” are Completely Different to Language, the Euro and Personal Crises

I like these broad ranging connections 🙂 A kind of linked in, “6 degrees of separation” for concepts 🙂 One of the interesting things from studying, and more importantly experiencing and integrating Asian traditions – predominantly Indian and Chinese worldviews … Continue reading

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