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Antipatterns: Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies

A little while back I was working somewhere, where, if you were from Mars and asked to work out how people were remunerated, you would probably conclude that the amount of sweat people produced in a day was measured and … Continue reading

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If you are annoying some people you must be onto something!

I generally think of annoying people as A Bad Thing. I recall reading some time back about the hugely irritating series of GoCompare adverts with the cod opera singer. As I recall something like 80% of people find this highly … Continue reading

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Connecting the Zeitgeist, the 4,000yr old I Ching, the hottest Internet Marketing Theory and Pink Floyd

One of my fortes is in spotting patterns and making connections between seemingly diverse things. One reason is wide ranging interests, another a mind that does that automatically, and the other is an interest in breaking down the walls between … Continue reading

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Wisdom Stories – When All is Going Wrong Have a Cup of Tea

This is a true story from a book of stories by Ajahn Brahm a Thai Forest tradition Abbot living in Australia. Born Peter Betts he went to Latymer School and did theoretical physics at Cambridge in the late ’60s before … Continue reading

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From John Kay on Why 19thC & 21stC “Capitalism” are Completely Different to Language, the Euro and Personal Crises

I like these broad ranging connections 🙂 A kind of linked in, “6 degrees of separation” for concepts 🙂 One of the interesting things from studying, and more importantly experiencing and integrating Asian traditions – predominantly Indian and Chinese worldviews … Continue reading

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Using Wisdom Traditions in Project Management

One of the traps those of us educated in a western context tend to fall into is that of conceptualisation. We are very good with ideas, very good at kicking them round, critiquing them, criticising them. And that’s great. But … Continue reading

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