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Balance Dreaming, Thinking & Doing – your Inner Visionary, Manager, & Soldier

This post first appeared on my companion site Transformational Tools for Body Energy and Mind I’ve written this one for me lol – as it’s something I am thinking through – but also importantly for assorted friends for whom this … Continue reading

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How to be English and do Marketing

This post was first published on my companion site The Tao of Business Development Any English (or probably Brit for that matter, although the periphery always had to be better at staking its claim) of a certain age certainly has … Continue reading

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Antipatterns: Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies

A little while back I was working somewhere, where, if you were from Mars and asked to work out how people were remunerated, you would probably conclude that the amount of sweat people produced in a day was measured and … Continue reading

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If you are annoying some people you must be onto something!

I generally think of annoying people as A Bad Thing. I recall reading some time back about the hugely irritating series of GoCompare adverts with the cod opera singer. As I recall something like 80% of people find this highly … Continue reading

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Wisdom Stories – When All is Going Wrong Have a Cup of Tea

This is a true story from a book of stories by Ajahn Brahm a Thai Forest tradition Abbot living in Australia. Born Peter Betts he went to Latymer School and did theoretical physics at Cambridge in the late ’60s before … Continue reading

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Be Happy – Where the Hell is Matt?

This one is a must view if you have never seen it before… Lots of words have been written about global peace, lots of words have been written about what is wrong with the world. However it must be near … Continue reading

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Three Ways for Coping with Data Overload

In 2011 I took the year off to write a book. Well yes and no. As many authors will attest “the book” takes over. I intended taking three months off but the book became the master and I the servant … Continue reading

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