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Antipatterns: Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies

A little while back I was working somewhere, where, if you were from Mars and asked to work out how people were remunerated, you would probably conclude that the amount of sweat people produced in a day was measured and … Continue reading

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If you are annoying some people you must be onto something!

I generally think of annoying people as A Bad Thing. I recall reading some time back about the hugely irritating series of GoCompare adverts with the cod opera singer. As I recall something like 80% of people find this highly … Continue reading

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Connecting the Zeitgeist, the 4,000yr old I Ching, the hottest Internet Marketing Theory and Pink Floyd

One of my fortes is in spotting patterns and making connections between seemingly diverse things. One reason is wide ranging interests, another a mind that does that automatically, and the other is an interest in breaking down the walls between … Continue reading

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From John Kay on Why 19thC & 21stC “Capitalism” are Completely Different to Language, the Euro and Personal Crises

I like these broad ranging connections 🙂 A kind of linked in, “6 degrees of separation” for concepts 🙂 One of the interesting things from studying, and more importantly experiencing and integrating Asian traditions – predominantly Indian and Chinese worldviews … Continue reading

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Using Wisdom Traditions in Project Management

One of the traps those of us educated in a western context tend to fall into is that of conceptualisation. We are very good with ideas, very good at kicking them round, critiquing them, criticising them. And that’s great. But … Continue reading

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Why are Wisdom Traditions Relevant to Business Today?

Most business folks who have perused this website are interested in the wisdom traditions angle taking the perspective that wisdom is sadly lacking in the modern world and its a very valid topic in it’s own right. Not only that … Continue reading

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