The Fintech Revolution is about the changes that “digital” – ie a much more internet/mobile-centric world – is bringing to Financial Services.

New Financial Service firms need to grow with often limited resources. They also need to become more solid and to communicate that solidity. I work with new FS firms on both of these challenges, on both ongoing business development projects, and on more ad hoc projects, particularly in the realm of communicating about risk.

Existing Financial Services firms need to understand what the Fintech revolution is and how it affects them. I help senior FS folks with this challenge. Whilst there are many pundits out there (many with minimal backgrounds in FS) I am the only one to combine 30yrs in the City in very senior roles with dozens of in-depth interviews with the leading players in this new digital FS world.

Government needs to keep abreast and analyse this new world. I work with the public sector too.

Media – folks from investor through to professional FS, old and new, have a thirst for understanding. I created and host the London Fintech Podcast which is the leading podcast in the leading market. It has over 50,000 downloads in 115 countries worldwide. I write paid articles on aspects of Fintech that have the reputation for being accessible, entertaining and clear in their exposition (eg AltFi News series).

BizDev – we live in a very competitive world with an excess supply of most things – especially information.  My website dedicated to the “non-digital” (ie people) aspect of 21st Century Business Development is The Tao of Business Development.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn; I am on Twitter; to contact me via email: enquiries AT mikebaliman DOT com

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