This website covers my range of offerings for corporate through to personal clients. My interest in management and consultancy has always been about results. My interest in working with people is precisely as people are people – not boxes on an organogram, nor “resources” (as in “HR”, Human Resources) in the way that our increasingly systematised corporate world treats them. If one can solve problems, create profit and success and make folks happy, well that’s a good day at the office and that’s better than a bad day at the beach…

In my Blog I write about a wide variety of topics from business through to health.

Consultancy describes my strategic to operational business consultancy and some of the projects and experience over the past thirty years. Performance Measurement describes Stratos – a unique approach to measuring and presenting how the earnings quality of businesses is changing over time. Mentoring describes my Personal Business Mentoring service. Folks often do not get the personal attention, the mentoring, the transmission of experience from the “grey hair or no hair” brigade that was automatic in the past. Stress Management is about helping folks cope with our high-pressure environment; in particular I have long experience of Chinese systems of exercise, health and personal development as well as many traditions dealing with the calming of the mind.

The ultimate source of stress in life is not circumstances but existence. Over millennia Wisdom Traditions from around the world have sought to address this. From a personal perspective I hope it’s obvious why I include these here. It might be worth saying a little about why I include wisdom tradition from a more corporate perspective. At a simple, practical, level I do so because knowledge of them is extremely useful – eg in Project Management. From a broader perspective I write about the relevance here: Why are Wisdom Traditions Relevant to Business Today? A quick snip from that might help to draw together all the pages on my website. Writing about an upcoming conference on the topic of “wisdom into business” the Head of Executive Development at Google calls it “the most important conference of our time”. More prosaically the conference blurb states:

Many businesses today confuse great activity with great efficiency. While people are extremely busy — always checking their emails, making constant phone calls — their actions are not effective or innovative. Stress, overwhelm, frustration, and interpersonal conflicts pervade the company culture. Company leaders then wonder why the products they create and the communication they have do not get the impact they desire.

There is a new effort, however, that focuses on the “state” from which people work, and on creating business cultures infused with mindfulness, innovation, and engagement.


Mike Baliman

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