Wisdom Traditions


Teacher and Artist: “Mike’s generous offerings on TTEM include access to a range of transformative practices and teachers and offer the opportunity for discussion and the sharing of experiences. I have had the privilege of working with some of the transformative practices and teachers in addition to being able to bring some of the experiences into the classroom. The use of these “transformational tools” has enabled me to respond to conflict and uncertainty with meaningful perspective. They have facilitated in me a greater consciousness and connection with a world in renaissance with less fear and an unfolding of my creativity.”

Psychotherapist, former Businessman: “Mike has a wide knowledge and experience of religious and spiritual traditions. Most importantly he has tried out the practical effects in his everyday life. People faced with business or personal challenges can benefit from the perspectives he brings as well as his practical application of wisdom/experience/common sense.”

An intelligent western chap once said to me once “ah wisdom, yes, very hard to define”. True but you don’t have to define it you just have to recognise it. And whilst we all get “older and wiser” due to the simple process of going to bed every day and getting up in the morning, there are wisdom traditions around the world that help enhance one’s personal store and development.

I have studied, practiced and applied Wisdom Traditions for quite some time. Since the ’80s I have personally tried and attended courses and retreats and had private lessons in Tai Chi, Neigung, Qigong (many types), Zhan Zhuang, Meditation (many types), Buddhism (many types), Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen, KMI (type of rolfing), Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga, spent time in Cathedrals and Monasteries and probably much more I have since forgotten. For seven years I have run a forum – TTEM (Transformational Techniques for Energy and Mind) – which was over eighty members from around the world from many traditions, and over ten thousand posts.

As I emphasise thematically in the blog posts on Wisdom Traditions the most important angle is in their application in a practical way. One’s metaphysical views/religion/atheism do not affect the ability to learn from wisdom traditions around the globe, do not affect your ability to increase your wisdom.

In TTEM I continue to learn from my members and answer all questions to the best of my knowledge and with my mental rolodex of wiser-folks and web material, point folks to teachings/teachers from whom they might benefit. Additionally I periodically chair informal discussions, give talks and can give guides to teachings. My principal aim in all this activity is absolutely not “to do a number on you” … there are enough teachers out there who consciously or unconsciously are doing that… Rather my aim is to pass on interesting information to help folks appreciate that the world is a far more interesting place than you would ever know if you just follow the mainstream media. Having been climbing in many of these mountain ranges I am very well placed to offer guidance to those bewildered by choice.

The Blog section of this website has many articles on Wisdom Traditions.

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